We provide free COVID-19 testing at our clinic. Please call 766-3313 for more information on testing and testing times.

Albany Community Health Clinic

Wyoming isn’t like anywhere else in the world, and Laramie isn’t like anywhere else in Wyoming. This community is diverse and dynamic, so our healthcare options need to serve both our permanent residents as well as our student population. And in true Cowboy spirit, we do all of that. At Albany Community Health Clinic, our providers are cutting-edge and forward-thinking with a passion to serve all of Laramie.
Our mission is to increase Laramie’s access to care, and through our staff of compassionate professionals, we’re realizing that charge one appointment at a time. We proudly accept Medicare and Medicaid, and as a Federally Qualified Health Center, we’re able to offer a sliding fee scale as well as discounted pharmaceutical services. Everyone should be able to afford healthcare, regardless of your income, and this philosophy guides our practice and all of our providers.
As part of our commitment to the community, we’ve added behavioral health to our line of services. The importance of mental health has been emphasized across medicine in recent years, and it’s especially critical to our younger population. We couldn’t consider our practice comprehensive if we didn’t offer outstanding behavioral health options in addition to physical health.

COVID Resources

We provide free COVID-19 testing and vaccinations at our clinic. Please call 632-2434 for more information on testing and testing times.

EHCW Mission

To educate and to serve.

The EHCW educates health professionals and provides quality healthcare services that promote health and healing.

EHCW Vision

Regional Leader in Health Professional Education and Health Care Delivery.

EHCW Values


Open and safe environment for all learners.

Health and Well-being of our communities

Comprehensive healthcare; quality second to none.

Compassionate Care

  • Accessible
  • Affordable
  • Comprehensive
  • Unbiased


  • Our most valued asset
  • Market comparable salaries and benefits
  • Committed to honest, thoughtful, and timely communication
  • Organization wide performance recognition and reward
  • Leaders model engagement and our values
  • Staff pride in the organization and our achievements


Top providers from all healthcare sectors proudly serve Albany Community Health Clinic. Compassionate and knowledgeable providers, behavioral health professionals, nurses, and caring staff form a powerful team on your journey to quality, comprehensive healthcare, regardless of your insurance coverage or ability to pay.

Holistic Approach Graphic

Our Holistic Approach

Here at Albany Community Health Clinic, we believe in a holistic approach to health care. Our customized model cares for the whole person, both physical and behavioral. Your ACHA team consists of a Primary Care Provider (a Family Nurse Practitioner who cares for your physical health needs), Behavioral Health Coordinator (who helps you identify and reach your health goals), an RN Clinical Case Manager (who also helps you reach your goals), and a Psychiatric Nurse Practioner (who can make recommendations about medications if they might be useful). As we care for you, the Behavioral Health Coordinator will refer you to the best provider for your needs. All the while, your ACHC team effectively communicates and collaborates to make the best decisions for your holistic care.

Questions On Our Process? We're Happy To Help!


Our compassionate team of professionals takes your healthcare seriously, and we want to be your partners in your goals. Browse through our team to see who you think might be the best fit for you, either for a single visit or as your longterm primary care provider.


You entrusted us with your healthcare, and as Albany Community Health Clinic’s senior staff, it’s a responsibility we take seriously. Thank you for choosing us, and please let us know if we can improve your experience.